Being one half of a musical duo is the ultimate balancing act as one must always be thinking about the other. Pete Prison IV (Vereter, Mekongg) started Bosna as an acoustic noise solo project in 2016 and with Sticky Lenz (Just Friends And Lovers, Lonesome Hot Dudes, Lime Crush) on the drums the project thrived. Hypnotic loops, catchy guitar riffs and the melancholic voices interweave with the rough drums to form a dense melodic unit. Odd jazzy beats find their way into Bosna’s music as well as noisy arrangements, which in turn are broken by dreamy passages in the next moment. The results on their debut EP You Know Too Much are spectacular as the twosome give a peek into their collective psyche. Fragmentary narratives and memories as well as the examination of socio-political topics such as racism and homophobia characterize Pete‘s lyrics. You Know Too Much is released on MC, CD and digitally.