That DIVES songs give support and have attitude is a fact not only since their relieved exclamation on their album „Teenage Years Are Over“ in which garage rock and surf pop, Breeders harmony vocals and indie with a 90s punch came together to form the band’s great feat, which heralded the fall of the patriarchy with a wink and nonchalance. Even when the Viennese trio DIVES swept onto the Austrian indie-pop scene four years ago with their debut single „Shrimp“ as a fresh breeze, it felt like everything was falling into place: A prominent bassline, just-right rumbling drums, plus surf guitar and the dance of two voices playing around and complementing each other: A song like a summer day, spontaneous and intense, slightly wistful and a tad too short, and it laid the foundation for a cornucopia of other good songs that Tamara Leichtfried, Viktoria Kirner and Dora de Goederen would go on to write. Songs of friendships and longings, of self-care, but above all of cohesion against the cold from outside.