Melt Downers all-out noise-rock hyperbole is valid considering dealing with the myriad injustices of contemporary life. Following up self-produced albums 1 (s/t) and 2 (Alter the stunt) on their 3rd full-length, their heavily eruptive sound + a darkly funny view of capitalist lifestyle (The Corporate Identity) a.k.a. patriarchys pointless defense against loss (Dye Out), and with the world going down the drains once again, MD keep swimming against the stream – the mainstream, the male stream (Gross White) in the lyrics, album No 3 demands a continuous presentness, a radical listening. Melt Downer rip through 8 songs, sounding uncompromisingly feral, pushing their 3 instruments far out on a heart-racing trip back to 80s punk, but with a constant though abrupt punch in the back of the head, that lets go of the gone and done. 
Melt Downer, consisting of Wolfgang Möstl, Mario Zangl (Mile Me Deaf, Killed by 9V Batteries) and Florian Giessauf (Picture Eyes) recorded all their albums in DIY manner at S.T.R.E.S.S. Studio by themselves. 
Current album mastered by Bomb Factory’s Daniel Husayn. 
MD blissfully melted Antony Fontanas braincells, destroyed numerous festivals like The Great Escape and toured through Europe and fed their audience with an anarchic temptation they couldn’t resist.